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Welcome to our vibrant community and the captivating world of essential oils and breathwork! Learn a bit about us, how to get started now that you’re here, exploring the profound significance of nature’s essence. Join us as we discover how essential oils can enhance your well-being. Visit our blog to gain more invaluable insights and tips to embark on your journey with natural health. Don’t forget to log in to our academy for a comprehensive learning experience, and explore our favourite resources to further deepen your knowledge. Prepare to unlock a world of blissful scents and transformative possibilities!



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1. Getting Started with Essential Oils

2. Clean Magazine by Young Living

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4. Beauty

5. Gary Young Insights to our Oils

6. Recipes with Essential Oils



1. Emotions & Energy: Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils By Dr Caroline Mein

2. The Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing by Margaret Lembo

3. Ultimate Balance Infusing the Vibrational Energy of Essential Oils into Chakras, Meridians and Organ by Deardeuff

4. DIY:Oil & Glass Beautiful & Easy get started Recipe Book

5. Kids & Pregnancy: Gentle Babies: Essential Oils and Natural Remedies for Pregnancy, Childbirth, Infants and Young Children by Debra Raybern

6. Body Support: Essential Oils Pocket Reference 8th Edition – FULL-COLOR

7. Fearless: Confidence with Essential Oils in 2 Hours By Sarah Harnish

8. Mind Your Brain by Elizabeth Erickson

9. Lucy Libido Says…..There’s an Oil for THAT: A Girlfriend’s Guide to Using Essential Oils Between the Sheets by Lucy Libido

10. Essential Oils Integrative Medical Guide: Building Immunity, Increasing Longevity, and Enhancing Mental Performance With Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils by Gary Young

11. Essential Oils Desk Reference 8th Edition FULL-COLOR (Much more in-depth than the Pocket Reference)

12. Seed to Seal: D. Gary Young by Mary Young (Origins)


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Audrey Li


Audrey is an experienced mother, aromatherapist, and coach with a deep connection to nature. She is passionate about advancing the understanding of aromatherapy and unlocking the full potential of essential oils

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Tumai Meroiti

Breathwork Facilitator

Tumai is an experienced Breathwork Facilitator and Business Coach. His goals include speaking on 100 stages around the world, creating an essential oils encyclopaedia, and developing a leadership program for therapists new to the business

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