#04 LET’S START: Why Use Essential Oils and Identifying Toxic Ingredients In Your Home – Ditch & Switch



Are you ready to revolutionize your personal care and household cleaning routines? This video is here to enlighten you on the compelling reasons to replace toxic chemicals with the incredible power of essential oils. Discover the dangers of bioaccumulation, endocrine disruptors, and health issues associated with conventional products, and learn how essential oils offer a safe and natural alternative. Explore the simplicity and versatility of these precious oils and the world of natural cleaning solutions. Not only will you reap the economical benefits and health benefits, but you’ll also contribute to a healthier environment. This video may just transform the way you approach personal care and household cleaning forever!


– Toxic manmade chemicals

– Bioaccumulation

– Hormone Disruption

– Infertility/Sterilisation found in nature

– Epigenetics

– Simplicity/Versatility of essential oils

– Economical and Health benefits


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Audrey is an experienced mother, aromatherapist, and coach with a deep connection to nature. She is passionate about advancing the understanding of aromatherapy and unlocking the full potential of essential oils

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