Five Essential Oil Mistakes to Avoid for Maximum Power and Potency


Are You Making These Top 5 Essential Oil Mistakes? 


I remember what it was like when I was first starting out in the world of essential oils. Everyone else made it look so easy. It seemed like a lot of people were talking about essential oils and knew exactly what they were doing. 


But not me.


I was always getting tripped up by specific obstacles that held me back. And once I started to really pay attention to what others were doing, I soon learned that they too were making the same essential oil mistakes.


Now, if you’re an essential oil enthusiast, I can almost guarantee you’re already making these mistakes. And once you start making these mistakes, you’re going to find out that essential oil usage is time-consuming, expensive, and even painful.


Unless, of course, you learn how to avoid these mistakes.


So forget about trial and error. Forget about learning this stuff through the school of hard knocks. Instead, learn from my mistakes and save yourself a lot of time, grief, and money. Understanding these top 5 mistakes will ensure you end up with essential oils that are powerful and potent. Read on…


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Mistake #1: Neglecting the Importance of Full Botanical Profiles


Almost everyone I have spoken to about essential oils have made this mistake. Simply because it’s out of their awareness. Afterall, they all smell pretty and companies use clever marketing tactics to promote their oils as “pure” and/or organic. How is it possible for the average person to know how much patience, care, diligence, expertise and integrity it takes to preserve the complete blueprint of the essential oil from the botanical and transfer that into a bottle? Afterall, we have been conditioned to trust what is sold on the shelves. 


Mistake #2: Underestimating the Significance of Synergy


I made this mistake not once but twice when I was starting out. So let me save you from doing the same thing. Many people, including therapists, try to recreate their own blends to save money. Thieves essential oil blend by Young Living is the most copied blend there is. This blend was specially formulated to get the desired results. The synergy of the compounds makes for its bioavailability and efficacy. Disregarding the importance of synergy can lead to ineffective results. Use this knowledge while doing your essential oil research and when choosing the right essential oils for you.


Mistake #3: Ignoring the Role of Nature’s Complexity 


Most people don’t even realize how complex nature’s compounds are. By not recognising this, we’re looking for solutions in all the wrong places. Man attempts to recreate nature’s compounds in a lab, which don’t fit perfectly into our receptors’ sites, thus producing less-than-ideal results for us. By respecting the complexity of Mother Nature, preserving the full chemistry profile of essential oils has become a possibility.


Mistake #4: Allowing Adulteration to Taint Your Oils


If you ever ended up with subpar results or no results when using essential oils, then you were probably using adulterated or manipulated oils. Ninety-eight percent of essential oils on the market are used in the perfume or food industry, as scents for candles, used in spas, or in  household products. There is no requirement for these oils to have any therapeutic benefits. Adding manmade compounds ensure a consistent aroma, and make it faster and cheaper to create. Ensure your oils are pure and unaltered to achieve therapeutic results.


Mistake #5: Dismissing the Importance of Source


I’ve saved the best for last. That’s because disregarding the historical roots of an essential oil company or supplier can lead to making all the earlier mistakes, not to mention a complete waste of money. However, you can completely avoid this pitfall by understanding what to look out for when it comes to finding a reputable supplier. This includes finding out if the company has expertise in the distillation process and innovative distillation equipment; is personally involved in farming, cultivation, and inspection of partner farms; has published essential oil research; verifies purity with their own state of the art labs as well as 3rd party testing; and employs a team of scientists to read and interpret test results. 


In summary…


Give yourself a pat on the back for paying attention to this article. Because now that you know the top 5 essential oil mistakes and how to avoid them, you’ll understand how to harness the power and potency of pure, authentic essential oils that can restore balance in our body.

So take this newfound knowledge and confidence and start enhancing your health and wellness journey today!


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