Power your life with a delicious blend of nutrient-rich wolfberry puree, superfruit juices, and pure essential oils. Formulated to support wellness for every lifestyle, NingXia Red® is a unique, powerful drink that will help you make the most of every day


Ningxia RED

Power your life with a delicious blend of nutrient-rich wolfberry puree, superfruit juices, and pure essential oils. Formulated to support wellness for every lifestyle, NingXia Red® is a unique, powerful drink that will help you make the most of every day.

  • NingXia Red® 750 ml bottles x 3
  • NingXia Red® Sachets (60 ml ea.) x 30

Everyday Essentials

The perfect combination to support you on your journey to wellness. This specific bundle features the memory release blend to ensure you have a wholistic approach to health

  • Lavender Wellness 5 ml
  • Frankincense Wellness 5 ml
  • Stress Away™ 5 ml
  • Thieves® Waterless Hand Sanitizer 29.5 g
  • AromaGlide™ Roller Fitment


This unique memory release protocol is a simple process designed to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. You may have dreams, hopes, and goals that you would like to achieve, yet you may feel stuck, confused, or hopeless about ever reaching them.

After a lot of studies, these particular Essential Oils and their constituents are designed to dissolve the memory complex (stuck) and open the pathways up to new potential


As expected your investment also comes with a product guide showing you the full suite of essential oils available. You get the normal policy and procedure booklet and an “at a glance” flyer. We have included your own training by using your own email address to log into the Academy. You can do this at the top right of this website.

  • Product Guide
  • Product Price List
  • Policies & Procedures Highlights
  • Ascension Academy 7-Day Training


Energy Support

Whole Body Health

Prevents Oxidative Stress

Supports Normal Eye Health

Supports Healthy Digestion

SAVE $834


This selection of essential oils contains highly concentrated plant extracts with various health benefits. Retaining all the compounds of the plant takes a lot of time and effort but it means their full therapeutic action is not compromised, making them more effective for supporting the body’s natural healing processes. 

They can be easily incorporated into daily life and used in a variety of ways. Their natural compounds can also positively and effortlessly impact your emotional state and can be used to create natural alternatives to conventional products, reducing our exposure to toxins. Supporting your overall health and well-being has never been so easy.

When we understand, work with and synchronise with mother natures energy signature of health and wellness, it’s easy to make the link to effortless balance of emotions, mental clarity, strong immune system, healty respiratory and more within our own human body.

Gratitude oil makes my heart sing. As each drop falls onto the palm of my hand, its amazing scent opens up my heart & I give thanks to all that is. I am so grateful for ‘gratitude’

John Doe


My 2 must-have oils are Frankincense & Digize. I use Frankincense for a whole spectrum of uses from glowing skin, to sleep & stress. Digize is magic for any digestive issues that crop up for the whole family!

John Doe


Australian Blue is my all time favourite Young Living blend. I find it really calming and grounding

John Doe


TRYING TO restore energy & Vitality


I’m guessing you want results, and you want to get them as easily as possible. The Ningxia Red Premium Starter Kit is definitely a great solution. It will significantly increase energy levels and reduce oxidative stress.

But I’m wondering if you’re one of those people who wants more. You know what I’m talking about, right?

You’ve tried:

  • Eating and feeding your family a diverse range of whole foods consistently – but that just takes so much time and effort, not to mention you may have some fussy eaters so you feel mentally drained.
  • You spend the weekend trying to do nothing to recuperate after an intense week – but that just resets you temporarily and you find yourself dreading the new week because you still feel exhausted.

You’ve even tried taking lots of different supplements to fill in the gap – and found out the hard way that it leaves you wondering if it’s even working or if you’re throwing good money away.

It’s enough to make you want to give up.

But you didn’t – you’re still here so I know how committed you are to getting results.

Which is why I know you’ll want to get hold of this:


Ningxia Red – The Surefire Way to Increase Productivity and Improve Physical Well-Being Without Cutting Down What Matters To You and Your Family!


Here’s what you get when you order now:

  1. You’ll learn how easy it is to increase vitality and energy with the right antioxidants
  2. You’ll discover the quickest and easiest way to nourish your body with superfruit synergy
  3. You’ll know how never to let your body become nutrient deficient
  4. You’ll find out which one thing that is actually sabotaging your results – and what you need to do to combat that
  5. You’ll get my 7-day Jump Start Program so you can start learn how to fully benefit from Ningxia Red

And much, much more – this Ningxia Red Starter Bundle gives you everything you need to flood your cells with the nutrients it thirsts for, and rid your body of free radicals that relentlessly drain you of your energy and vitality.

1 : Tell me more about the individual items & total savings?

In this bundle you get enough of this nutrient-dense superfruit formula to help you power through at least 60 days. Known in the TCM world as a powerful blood tonic and detoxifier, this will energise and revitalise your body. You get 3 x 750 ml bottles and 30 x 60 ml sachets of Ningxia Red superfruit juice. Lavender, Frankincense and Stress Away essential oils are included. Known as the Memory Release blend, this powerful trio is used for releasing past negative programming that holds us hostage from our goals and dreams. Together with the Thieves waterless hand sanitizer, other accessories, our acadamy training and a rich array of resources, you are getting $1,130 in value for only $296.


Total Value $1,130
Your Cost $296
Savings of $834

2 : Why bundle all of this together?

With 3 bottles of Ningxia Red, you’re not only getting better value but also enough to share with the whole family so you can all experience a change in energy levels. The sachets are a convenient way to get started as you develop a habit of taking this daily. Just pop them in the fridge or freezer on hot days and grab them as you dash out the door or put them in your kids’ lunchbox. A full health experience with Young Living isn’t complete without experiencing essential oils in it’s full potency. Combined with Ningxia Red, you’re getting a wholistic health experience.

3 : I could buy these oils anywhere! Why you?

Firstly, you can’t buy this Superfruit juice formula or the oils off the shelf at your favourite health food shop. Not only is there no other juice formula that blends one of the most nutrient dense organic wholefoods on the planet with essential oils and other superfruits, but the essential oils out there are missing more than just a few natural compounds.

With us, you get on-going education, support and updates from our own exploration, discoveries and experience! It’s like getting your own teacher and aromatherapist on-demand

4 : What makes this bundle and these oils different?

The wide repertoire of benefits from Ningxia Red and the potency and efficacy of these oils are unmatched. You will get to learn about this in-depth in our Academy. But for now, you just need to know that the effort to bottle this plant juice for you goes far beyond difficult. It’s a labour of love and dedication that is backed by historic roots, decades of research and the latest scientific advancement that no one else in the industry has

How much value comes with this bundle?

The total savings is $834. This means if you were to purchase each individual item on their own including our training, it would cost $1,130. The second part to this question is about the value and the main obstacle we have seen over the years with many of our members is training. They ask us for individual training on using each product. We have designed a course that covers everything. The exact training we would have loved to recieve, when we started

How do I create the time to use this bundle?

Most people that we speak with say they may not have the time to invest in their own health. There are 3 parts to this mindset:

  • In that current moment it may seem like health is at the bottom of your value system
  • We can only create time for what is important to us
  • It only takes 10 mins for oil protocol
1 : I'm too busy! I wont be able to find the time for this...

If you don’t have a minute to spare to take a shot of Ningxia Red during your morning routine or to complete simple oil protocols, what do you have time for in life?

The answer to this is trivial and simple. We create time for what is important to us. If health and wellness is important to you, these protocols take less than a few minutes each day

2 : Why is this so powerful even when I put little time towards it?

Ningxia Red is known for it’s high absorption rate and bioactivity due to it’s unique formulation with essential oils. The high antioxidant activity of Ningxia Red allows your body to detoxify while you’re at work or play. And just like going to the gym, if you do things consistently, even a small amount can have a noticeable impact on your health and wellness. You will start to notice small changes. Those small changes lead you down a completely different trajectory. A new destination. Imagine having more energy and getting more done each day?

3 : Ok, now that I have the time - How much time do I put towards the training?

That’s totally up to you. From 5 minutes a day to 30 minutes or more. It all starts with taking the first step. As you learn and discover something new, you will get excited about what’s possible, you’ll take the next step, and just like learning to walk, you’ll get better and better, and it’ll naturally become a part of your life. When we invest in our health, we are claiming our time back.

4 : When I get the hang of it, is there any other time investment?

As you get the hang of it, you may fall in love with certain areas of growth that the products provide. You may want to learn how to make your own plant-based products, or focus in the area of emotional release or mental health. Or maybe you develop an interest in oil protocols for children and animals. Maybe you’ll find that the applications and protocols support your existing health modalities that can further help others. Like any investment, you’ll start to see growth in other areas of your life.

1 : It sounds complicated, i don't know how to use oils and I need help?

We all start somewhere. And it’s always easier than we think. All you need to do is pour and down a shot or two of Ningxia Red every morning or crack open a bottle of essential oil and inhale it. Notice what it does to your emotions, your mind, your physiology. Let the products do their thing. Your body and mind will remember. We also have all the resources you need to get started and we’re constantly adding our own learnings to our library

2 : Do you have oil protocols for me that are simple and straight to the point?

Absolutely! we have heaps of Ningxia Red recipe ideas, step-by-step guides for special oil protocols that you can walk through at your own pace, and worksheets that you can fill in to monitor your own progress.

3 : I need even more help?

Great. We have created so many courses inside our Academy based on a variety of needs from our exsisting clients. 

If you need more support we also hold regular zoom calls and love to connect with our community.

4 : What support do I have moving forward?

Other than having full access to us and our resources when it comes to education, you’ll also be a part of an amazing global community of individuals and therapists that have their own unique health journey and stories to share when it comes to using the products successfully. However, information will only get you so far. If you’re ready to break through the veil, the self-sabotage and negative self-talk to experience transformation, we will guide you through this.

What about simplicity? How can we make wellness easy?

Nature is simple. Health is simple and applying essential oils to your body is the most simple health protocol outside of breathing.

With time you’re able to adapt your protocols to suit your specific needs within the same simple framework


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