Tumai Meroiti

Breathwork Facilitator and Co-Founder

Tumai is an experienced breathwork facilitator, sustainable business coach and loving partner

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Always curious because life is a game

The 3 Secrets To Breathwork

If I only had 5 minutes with someone I just met and needed to share the importance of breathwork, I would share these 3 points with them

If You're Looking To Interview Me

Tumai is an experienced Breathwork Facilitator and Business Coach. Driven by a passion for natural therapies, he takes pride in discussing Breathwork and Aromatherapy. As a Co-Founder of The Ascension Academy, his goals include speaking on 100 stages around the world, creating an essential oils encyclopedia, and developing a leadership program for therapists new to the business.​

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The best way is via email. You can send me an email at the bottom of this page. Another place would be following me on social media and sending me a message there

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  1. Breathwork recordings
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Right now, we are focussed on coaching therapists and business owners. In turn, we are currently building fully tailored courses for them

Client Testimonials

"Thank you so much for believing in me and being soooo patient. I'm starting to see all the pieces fall together. You are awesome Toomz. Appreciate you and thank you for having our backs!"
Rachel mense
"Thank you for holding space as always. It's been grounding to find a community that supports each other and can connect with few words exchanged. It's helped myself and many others during difficult times. Blessings!"
Dennis Grey
The Ascension Academy has helped me find a home where I can connect with like minded people and feel supported. I've been able to deepen my current practice and connect on a whole new level with people in my life.
Bella Karolewicz
"I'm so grateful for the support, guidance and encouragement. It has been phenomenal. The level of presence and space given in each coaching has been well received."
Mitchell Crocker
"Completing the 21-Day Breathwork Challenge has been the best thing I've decided to do in my life. I felt stuck. When I started to open my breathing, I noticed I wasn't breathing in each moment."
Mihaela Raguz
"Brother, thank you so much for giving me the tools to move forward in my business. I get overly excited now that I have clarity."
Jacob Hibbard

The Ultimate Aroma Breathing Workbook

First of it’s kind that brings both mother nature and breathing techniques together in one place. Easy to access with one click of a button.

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